May Updates

Mike on the phone just now :

“How much?”
… mumbling that I cant hear from the other person.
“What do you mean the old one?”
…more mumbling
“WHY would I spend money on an old one? What the hell kind of sense does that make?”
…more mumbling


And people wonder where I get it from?



This lady just checked in with dirty blonde/ honey brown hair.

She had pencilled her eyebrows in with black kohl eyeliner.

Ask me if I was able to contain my laughter….


We just ¬†watched a lady walk face first into the doors this morning because she thought it was going to open for her. Then she backs up and walks forward again. Waves her arms around. “Open Sesame?”

..”Ma’am? That isn’t an automatic door….”



“Do you have a vending machine?”
…”Yes, just go down by the pool. It’s right there on the right.”
“Oh OK. How much does it take?”
…”Two dollar bills”
A few minutes later. A guy comes up and hands me two dollar bills. The kind that are actually $2 currency.
“The machine didn’t take these.”
….”you actually had $2 bills on you?”
“Heh heh yup. My papaw gives um out for Christmas every year.”

Who carries these around??


I’m outside smoking at the hotel and I hear “MARIO! Your grandson has a knife! Who gave that to him?”

The grandfather says “it’s a Swiss Army knife.”

She’s still freaking out.

Since when don’t all little boys get a Swiss Army knife? I thought that was normal?