I have a lot of friends who work in hotels or used to. My friend Jamie Travale experienced this one : 


It was either late fall or early spring when a stout, well-dressed business man in his (late?) 50’s entered the front doors of the hotel carrying a briefcase. (My point; not born yesterday.)

He shouts across the lobby, “What the hell is this?!” and motions to the outdoors.

Confused, I look and answer, “Snow?”

Approaching the desk (still shouting) he yells, “In October/March?!” – I don’t recall which it was but it was a time when we here in Buffalo do expect to see some snow.

“Yes sir,” I reply, “Here in Buffalo, we get snow this time of year.”

“Hmmgrgh,” he grumbles, “Will there be some sort of discount for this?”

NOTE: It was relatively light snow.

Yes, of course; our Snowstorm Special…also called, the rack rate.


Visit Jamie when she does stand up comedy  or at 


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