Me on the phone with my regular guest. Dude walks in the door. Shoves his rewards card in my face.
…”Linda? Can you hold on a sec? Ok thanks.” Look at Dude
…”Ok? Are you checking in?”
“Maybe. I need to use your business center.”
“Oh. That’s it? No argument? The hotel down the street wouldn’t let me.”
…” Mmmm. Nope? It’s a computer it’s not really a big deal?”
“Yeah. YEAH! Why couldn’t they just let me use it?”
…”did you shove your rewards card in their faces?”
“Uhhhh….. Maybe?”
…”mmm hmm. So then. You are welcome to use the business center.”

Lol. Sometimes I wish people would approach each other better. Get back on the phone with Linda she goes “who the hell was that?” And I just laugh.


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