…”Thank you for calling….”



“Is this the uh. hotel?”


“In Niagara Falls?”


“Is it snowing there?”


“A lot? Like how much? How long is it going to snow?”

…”Umm Well it’s snowing. And its sticking as of right now. How can I help you?”

“Is it going to snow tomorrow?”

…”I’m not sure ma’am. How can I help you?”

“Well is the snow going to stay?”

…”Ma’am I just don’t know. You could check the weather channel maybe but they are usually wrong…”

“But I have reservations Sunday! When do I need to cancel by?”

…”Tomorrow at 3pm.”

“But what about the snow?”

…”What do you mean?”

“Should I leave like 4 hours early?”

…”I don’t think so?”

“Well what if it keeps snowing? Then can I cancel later than 3pm?”

…”Well you could. But we would charge you.”

“Even if it’s snowing???”

…” Ma’am. It’s Buffalo. We drive in a foot of snow if our cars are tall enough. Snow doesnt stop much around here.”

“But what if I can’t make it there???? Your’e going to charge me? What if this is a storm??”

…”Ma’am the cancel policy is because I am guaranteeing that I have a room for you and you are guaranteeing that you are going to be here. Snow, Fire, Tornado or Zombie Apocalypse.”


…”No. It was a joke. Besides they dont like snow.”


…” …Yes.”

“Oh ok then I guess we will be coming.”


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