Talking to frequent guest about various restaurants and whatnot. Talk about the goofy things we encounter and the stupid things people do. Explain about blue balls guy. He eventually wanders off to his room and I go to close the pool. I catch the tail end of him going up the stairs and think “That’s odd, his room is on the first floor…”


Come back from closing the pool and he is standing at the counter.

“My key doesn’t work.”

…”Room 107? Lemme check.” Put the key in the keycard machine. Room 107. “It looks okay. It should open the door. You are going to 107 right?”

“Well, yeah.”

…”Room 107. Which is on the first floor.”

“Oh. I was trying to open 207.”

…”I’m putting you on my blog.”

“I kind of figured that.”


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