More Balls

This morning, our guest Terrific Tom was here.


Of course I hate this guy with a passion. He is a truck driver and not only do all of the other truck drivers hate him, but he has been banned from every restaurant within walking distance of the hotel. 

He is nasty to waitresses, bartenders, busboys, managers, my staff. Me. 

Now I don’t care if you are nasty to me. Fine. But don’t bring out angry Momma Bear and be nasty to the people who work for me. Honestly they don’t get paid enough to put up with the Bullshit. 

For awhile there during the high volume season we were able to get away with just telling him we were sold out. Unfortunately it’s not busy season any more and I cannot get away with “Sorry Tom we are sold out. Yep sorry bud. Should’ve called sooner! ” 


So I had to make a reservation for him. Lisa saw it when she came in and pokes me. 

Lisa ” What the hell Kris?!” 

..” Mike made me do it.” Big ol grin.

Lisa “Damnit. I was having a good day.”


Anyhow this morning he starts with me over Presidential candidates and the debates and what not. SO  of course I have to bust his balls. Get him really angry. Tell him to go away that he is pissing me off. 


Then I open the surveys. 


Intent to Recommend – 6 or lower

The toilet in our room was the old style small toilet. Summit Inn needs to upgrade to the elongated toilets. (It shouldn’t be necessary for a man to tuck himself into the front of a toilet and sit with his genitals laying against the cold porcelain while he uses the toilet.) You could also offer memory foam mattress toppers as an option for guests who prefer or need a softer mattress. The bed we slept in was nearly as hard as the floor.


WHY??? Why do old men feel the need to tell us about their dangling balls? 

I ask Mike “MIKE!? WHY? What do I even say to this?” 

Mike ” Tell them to cut them off. He doesn’t need them anymore.” 


What. The. Hell. 


Dear Mr. Jiggly Balls,

…. No I did not write the letter. I really really wanted to write the letter. 


Also? Those beds are brand new. They came in about 5 months ago. They’re not hard, you are soft. And dangly. Ick. 






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