Blue Balls

Good Morning. Well. Morning anyways. This one happened back in the beginning of September.

“Front Desk, this is Kristina how can I help you?”

Blue “The water in these toilets is TOO HIGH! Can you come fix this?”

“Sir, can you explain what you mean? Is the toilet flooding?”

Blue “NO. The water is about 2 inches from the rim of the toilet bowl. IM LONGER THAN THAT?!”

………”I’m sorry sir?”

Blue “When I sit on the toilet my TESTICLES float in the WATER!”

OH baby Jesus help me. Why. Why me?

“Sir Im not sure how I can help you. Let me come down and take a look at the toilet. Ill see if there are any other toilets where the water isnt so high.”

Stop thinking about saggy blue balls. Stop it. Gross. Damn it brain!

End up checking his toilet and comparing the water level to 15 other toilets to find one that is lower. Have to reclean his original room now. Awesome.




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